Imagine: Sand

teatro en inglés

la Fènix de Miércoles

Miércoles 2 de Octubre 2013, 21:00 horas.

Teatro en Inglés · Taquilla inversa

Imagine: Sand

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Duración: 50 minutos

Imagine: Sand



Tells the story of an artist who lives in a constant struggle between a world full of unpredictable dreams (necessary for creation) and a safe, repetitive and controlled reality.

The fear of failure and more importantly, the fear of being forgotten, makes the artist want to escape her dreams while trying to avoid the monotony of her reality.

She imagines to create and creates to live knowing that her creations will disappear like sand between her fingers.



Cia The Heremit Hut Collective.

Work created, written and directed by Mónica I. Castillo y Sanna Toivanen.

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