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November 24th – 29nd

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 8PM. Sunday 6PM


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What can a pill do?
Quite a lot in fact.
It can make people greedy and manipulative. It can make a sales teams sell drugs nobody really needs. But who cares? It makes money.
It can kill. When sold indiscriminately and irresponsibly, antibiotics become redundant in the face of a lethal virus. If this is sounding a bit like the Coronavirus, that’s because it is. Without giving too much away this is a play about a virus that is working just like the Coronavirus, destroying lives and wreaking havoc. But on a slightly different scale. Take what the Coronavirus is doing right now and then magnify it by like, a million times. You’ll see what I mean; come to the play.
And lastly, how far are we prepared to go in the pursuit of perfection? What would happen if we got rid of all those negative genes? What would we look like? Are we prepared to go there?

CAST (order of appearance)

Niall: Daniel Ewing
Gemma: Laura Baker
Robby: Tom Tennant
Helen: Lisa Coleman
Lecturer: Lucas Cavazos
A: Matilda or Oscar Dayon


Director/Producer: David Adeane
Stage Manager:Aravind
Costume: Sarah Franks
Lighting/Sound: Aravind and Manel Bocero
Set Design:  Jeremie DayGlider
Powerpoint images: Jan Clayton
Design: Tom Tennant
Prop advice: Kristina Borg
Running time 85 minutes
This is Double Take Theatre’s second play at the Sala Fenix

Review The here and this and now.

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